Friday, April 15, 2005

To AJAX or not to AJAX

Creeping around a bit i think it's definitely time to ajax.
I'm following tapestry development which focus on implementing portlet support as the main new feature, well i can say the ajax examples that are popped up in the near past on the tapestry-user@ are very good and very promising, they show how to handle ajax in a pure tap-alike path.

Having a progress bar indicating how far your jobs is going without forcing you to reload the entire page is one of the most interesting thing i could ever wished to have, i even think this is better then portlet support (at least in my web apps world), and it come almost with no cost.

The result is pretty neat and show, once again, how tapestry is well designed and constructed.
More to come...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

80% of the problems

I'm almost sure.
80% of problems in custom software development are derived by interface problems. I mean interface by humans.
Don't trust or (even worst) don't understand how custom users wish their program to behave is, by large scale, the first cause of software failure.

So before to look for good developments policy, strategy, tools and programmers just be sure to have the right interface with your customers.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Looking for lighter desktop

I've always used GNOME as my base desktop system but recently i was told to give XFCE a try cause it should be more lightweight and, by consequence, faster.
So i've switched to XFCE 4.2.1, well fonts are smaller and they looks cool but beside that i cannot notice that amount of speed i was told, i'll look further.

Exception day...

Today seems to be like the Exception day for some of the well known java site around.
Forrest gives you welcome with a 500 Internal Server Error while TSS expose you some gateway problem with:

An application exception has occured.
java.rmi.RemoteException: EJB Exception: ; nested exception is: kodo.util.DataStoreException: ERROR: canceling query due to user request {prepstmnt 3446 SELECT t0.threadpk, t0.jdoversion, t0.creationdate, t1.forumpk, t1.jdoversion, t1.rssfeed, t2.categorypk, t2.jdoversion, t2.imagename, t2.summary, t2.title, t1.forumhref, t1.imagename, t1.lastupdated, t1.messagecount, t1.sitepk, t1.summary, t1.threadcount, t1.title,, t0.imagename, t0.lastupdated, t0.messagecount, t0.subject, t0.summary, t3.messagepk, t3.jdoversion, t3.body, t3.creationdate, t3.noiselevel, t3.replycount, t4.messagepk, t4.jdoversion, t4.body, t4.creationdate, t4.noiselevel, t4.replycount, t4.parentmessagepk, t4.subject, t4.summary, t4.threadpk, t4.userpk, t3.subject, t3.summary, t5.threadpk, t5.jdoversion, t5.creationdate, t5.forumpk,, t5.imagename, t5.lastupdated, t5.messagecount, t5.subject, t5.summary, t5.messagepk, t6.userpk, t6.jdoversion, t6.address1, t6.address2, t6.admin, t6.budgetcode,,,, t6.created, t6.developercode,, t6.employeecode, t6.fax, t6.firstname, t6.industrycode, t6.interest35, t6.interest21, t6.interest30, t6.interest17, t6.interest2, t6.interest13, t6.interest37, t6.interest34, t6.interest32, t6.interest33, t6.interest22, t6.interest11, t6.interest10, t6.interest9, t6.interest24, t6.interest19, t6.interest12, t6.interest36, t6.interest25, t6.interest16, t6.interest4, t6.interest8, t6.interest26, t6.interest7, t6.interest20, t6.interest31, t6.interest6, t6.interest15, t6.interest5, t6.interest23, t6.interest3, t6.interest28, t6.interest14, t6.interest29, t6.interest18, t6.interest1, t6.interest27, t6.last_login, t6.last_modified, t6.lastname, t6.password,, t6.province, t6.scopecode, t6.state, t6.title, t6.titlecode, t6.username, t6.verified, FROM public.threads t0 INNER JOIN public.forums t1 ON t0.forumpk = t1.forumpk LEFT OUTER JOIN public.categories t2 ON t1.categorypk = t2.categorypk LEFT OUTER JOIN public.messages t3 ON t0.messagepk = t3.messagepk LEFT OUTER JOIN public.messages t4 ON t3.parentmessagepk = t4.messagepk LEFT OUTER JOIN public.threads t5 ON t3.threadpk = t5.threadpk LEFT OUTER JOIN public.users t6 ON t3.userpk = t6.userpk WHERE (t1.forumpk = ? AND t1.sitepk = ?) ORDER BY t0.creationdate DESC LIMIT ? } [code=0, state=57014]

Even if TSS is running Tapestry...

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Will java go for *BSD

I really cannot get why we cannot get a good binary ready version of java on BSD.
I really cannot get which the problems are, it's really a matter of technical issues ?

I've followed the road of java on FreeBSD since ealry 2002 and now almost three years are gone but there's no light in the tunnel.

Are actually the guys at apache eating their own food ?