Saturday, April 01, 2006

Like the first time

Yes... a deep breath and a deep jump in to the game

Thank you guys!

Web side of the moon

I've stated a lot of times that letting the HTML side of the work done by others not me was simply a dream.
Well this has come in front of me lately, I've developed an almost trivial web app which is based on CSS without touching any HTML word, that was (is since this is only 1.0 and will follow 1.x releases) an amazing way of work.

Kudos goes to my co-workers web guys which were able to work with part of HTML, not only the whole doc,but also (most of the) to the neat way Tapestry and HiveMind, overall, makes you do your own work.

I hope to reproduce this way of develop, yeah i know the gui was really trivial but it was an effectively funny job and things start to get funnier now on web side of the moon.