Monday, February 28, 2005

To maven or not to maven

I really don't understand why people get pissed off by "new tools gettin a lot of attention", probably the get pissed off by people looking at new tools like i was "the, almost totally discovered, plethora", well that get me pissed off too.

Anyway i found maven to be an usefull tool to which work with.

I've gained productivity, well not writing codes for my projects but handling typical tasks each project has, releasing is a matter of fire a command and set some properties, i know i could achieve the same with ant as i did it before start using maven, but maven was easyer to adobt for my co-workers so i'm more happy with that.

I've also faced typical maven issues like doing stuff when a plugin wasn't available and the ability to use ant task and just few lines of xml code did the rest.

Jelly is a fuzzy mass ot stuff i know and i agree but i don't understand why people don't like maven only cause it's not cool to build project with that.
I really would like to have constructive discussion with those peoples.

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