Sunday, May 08, 2005

Busy time

I've been busy working a completely different project, just a no java project.
I've been working on making an embedded solution based on OpenBSD.

This is a completely different kind of project, just not a typical programming job, I've just had to be sure a wide variety of stuff work together, the big part of the work has been done by others.

I've said "just" but that's actually a not easy work and definitely not a java project which was my kind of typical project for the last 4 years,this is also the reason it takes me some time to get rid of some strange behaviour but now the work is almost done and i can come back to what i was doing before, port a java app from BarracudaMVC to Tapestry/HiveMind.

For quite a while i will be working on both projects, since working on a project to produce embedded system has made me more and more curious on this kind of job, i must say I've liked that job.

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