Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ignorance can be easily achieved by laziness

Two days ago Tapestry 5 preview has been released and an announce made it public domain on a usual-suspected site.

Suddenly some jerking people start to came outside their lurking life starting to wine with some of the most incredible reasons I've ever read, that's not even two cents that's two small pieces of pissy-poo!

Anyway playing with Tapestry5 is a great pleasure and I've been able to produce some code snippet which made me able to re-use and even inject my old Hivemind modules in my new Tapestry5 pages/components/services, this seems to me a great target reached at a preview alpha release stage.

As i read on someone signature note "Peace can be reached only by understanding", i would like to add "Ignorance and arrogance can be achieved by mental laziness"

Oh if you want the code, search through mailing list archive, if you're able.

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Eko said...

I am a newbie in T5.
Hope I can learn it well.